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Hi and welcome to the first crochet along by Rich Textures Crochet! Today I’d like to introduce you to the Erie Waters Throw.

Lake Erie is the fourth largest lake (as far as surface area is concerned) out of the five Great Lakes that are situated between Canada and the United States. They are fresh water and home to a diversity of plant life and animals.

Of the five Great Lakes, Lake Erie is the shallowest which means that it’s Waters are warmer during the summers, but also freeze the quickest during the winter.

The shores of Lake Erie make for some wonderful beaches, although in many areas one has to be careful in the water due to the aggressive waves and undertow that can sometimes come up quickly.

I happen live along the Canadian side of the lake and during the summer months my family and I love to take day trips to the shore. Depending on the weather (on shore and off) the water can look and feel drastically different from one day to the next.

This is what I have tried to capture in this stitch sampler Throw. I’ve taken several great textured stitches and used them to display the diversity of the waters and shoreline.

The Erie Waters Throw is made up of five different square panels comprised of beautifully textured stitches. This means by the end of the CAL you may have five new stitch patterns in your repertoire to use in your future projects!

I have selected shades of blue and a cream keeping with the Waters theme, however you may choose your own colours according to your personal taste and style. You will need four different colours/shades.

The blanket is made up of squares which are crocheted together at the end. That means if you are working on this during the warmer months, you will not be working for long under a warm and heavy blanket.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


This pattern is now also available as a single PDF which can be purchased (and added to your library!) for $2.50 CAD from my Ravelry and Etsy Shops:

Rich Textures Crochet on Etsy

Rich Textures Crochet on Ravelry

How it Works:

For the next five weeks, each week I will post the pattern for one square of the blanket (hopefully each Wednesday beginning May 23rd 2018) You will need to make four (one in each colour) of each pattern in the colours of your choice to complete the blanket. In the end there will be 20 squares.

The patterns will be released weekly on my blog with updates to my Facebook (HERE) and Instagram (HERE).

Along with the written pattern, each week I will also include video tutorials that will be linked here and also available on my YouTube channel (HERE).

The final sixth week of the CAL will focus on joining your squares together and working a simple edging.

At the end of the event I will release the whole pattern as a PDF in my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Are you ready? I’m so excited!!

Feel free to head over to my Facebook page and join the “Event” I have created there – it will provide a place for you to show progress and ask questions as we go along 🙂 You will find my Facebook Page here: Rich Textures Crochet on Facebook

Materials List:

Below I will list the materials that I’ve used in the photos HOWEVER don’t feel trapped by them! Switch up the brand of yarn, fibre, and colours according to what you have available.

YARN: Caron Simply Soft by Yarnspirations (%100 acrylic; 170 g / 6 oz, 288 meters / 315 yards; Worsted Weight)

Approximately 780 yards of Colour A: Dark Country Blue

Approximately 750 yards of Colour B: Country Blue

Approximately 750 yards of Colour C: Light Country Blue

Approximately 750 yards of Colour D: Off White

HOOK: 5 mm (H/8) crochet hook

NOTIONS: Yarn Needle (for weaving in ends)

Pattern Notes:


GAUGE: 20 sc x 20 rows = 4 inches

FINISHED SIZE: 43 x 52 inches

Stitch abbreviations will be revealed each week along with the pattern.

Be sure to tag your posts #eriewaterscal on social media!

**Week One is now available and can be found here: Erie Waters CAL: Week One

**Week Two is now available and can be found here: Erie Waters CAL: Week Two

**Week Three is now available and can be found here: Erie Waters CAL Week Three

**Week Four is now available and can be found here: The Erie Waters CAL – Week Four

**Week Five is now available and can be found here: The Erie Waters CAL – Week Five

**Week Six is now available and can be found here: The Erie Waters CAL – Week Six

Thank you for your interest in joining me on this Crochet Along! This is going to be fun! I’m so excited and look forward to seeing all your creations!

Happy crocheting!


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  1. I love this blanket, Sarah! ? I’ve visited Erie twice in the past few years & really enjoyed walking the shoreline while I was there. At times I forgot I was on a lake…the waves really make it feel like you’re at the beach.
    I love how you tied the concept of the ever-changing tides into your work!! ?Gorgeous!

    1. RichTexturesCrochet says:

      Thank you so much!

  2. Judith Benton says:

    I live south of the Erie and would love to make the afghan

  3. I have some yarn I’ve been planning on making an afghan with and winter has already started here and…well, I haven’t! I am definitely going to make this, I think I can cope with four blocks a week on top of all my other WIPs ha ha ha.

    1. RichTexturesCrochet says:

      Sounds great!

  4. This one I HAVE to make. Born and raised on the north coast of Lake Erie, Sandusky, Ohio.

  5. Karen Clayton says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Blue is my favorite color I hope I will be able to catch up, because I’m currently trying to finish two baby blankets for my daughter and a shawl for my MIL, by this weekend. Thank you, so much for the beautiful pattern and colors!! I love it!!

    1. RichTexturesCrochet says:

      Your very welcome!

  6. I live a few miles from Lake Superior. The Great Lakes have beautiful shorelines!

  7. MaryAnn Thomas says:

    I am loving this Cal. Can’t say it enough ha. Texture is so beautiful. You’ve done a terrific job of designing this. I hope I do it justice. MaryAnn

    1. RichTexturesCrochet says:

      Thank you so much MaryAnn! I am glad you are enjoying it!

  8. Judith Benton says:

    Hi to all,
    Just wanted to say that I hope the “bumps” from rows 2-4-6-8-etc will not need pushing out after the afghan is washed. When I am on the uneven rows I feel like I need to push them back as I have in other project stitches like the bobble stitch etc. Just a thought.

  9. We live about 1hr from Lake Erie, US side.
    I work for a place that does a lot of donations for charities.
    Do you mind if I make this Erie CAL to be raffled off, for the charity?
    I donation equals a name in a bucket to win this Lake Erie afgan. That is my idea.
    I think it being a Lake Erie afgan, would be perfect to “raffle” off for the town of Erie
    Thank you for the pattern

    1. RichTexturesCrochet says:

      Thank you! I do not mind at all 🙂

  10. Maggie Lorentz says:

    Hi Rich Textures Crochet, thank you for this fabulous throw……I am loving making my Lake Simcoe addition of the Erie Waters throw @at_the_lookout

    1. RichTexturesCrochet says:

      So glad you are enjoying it!!

  11. I just joined this afghan group. I love your afghan and I really need to crochet one for my hubby. This one is perfect !!! I love Caron Simply Soft and he even knows where to find it in the stores !!! I would sure the off white for a light grey or silver color.

  12. tracy king says:

    Beautiful and what a great description! Next time I see Lake Erie I will think of it differently. Maybe I’ll have my new blanket with me too ?

  13. Karla Harkness says:

    I wonder if I could use caron one pound

    1. RichTexturesCrochet says:

      Yes you can 🙂 they are both a worsted weight yarn

  14. This is what I have been looking for and I live on Lake Erie on the South Rockwood, Michigan coast. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern!