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Canadian Landscapes Blanket – Crochet Along

Hello and welcome to the Great Canadian Landscapes Crochet Along! Over the next fourteen weeks we are going to crochet this beautifully textured blanket!

Are you excited? I know that I am!

Why “Canadian Landscapes”?

Canada is such a large country in terms of land mass and because of it the Canadian landscape is diverse. While traveling across Canada you will see everything from rocky and sandy shoreline, rolling hills, acres and acres of forest, vast rivers and lakes, grassy prairie plains and snow capped mountains.

Our seasons are also diverse, ranging from warm tropical summers to blistering cold and snowy winters and everything in between. These varying landscapes are what formed the inspiration for me in this crochet along.

I have always loved exploring Canada and dream of one day traveling to the west coast (I will confess I’ve never been further west than Southwestern Ontario, although I have visited every province east) and maybe even one day heading north. But until that time I look forward to taking this virtual crochet tour with you!

The Project:

As mentioned above, this crochet along will run for the next fourteen weeks (until December 14, 2018) during which time we will work on creating the Canadian Landscapes blanket together.

The blanket is made up thirteen panels, one for each province and territory in Canada. I have tried to select various textured stitches and designs that I feel reflect the various land traits that the particular province/territory features.

The Journey:

Each week one panel of the blanket will be revealed for free here on my blog. Each week I will also share with you a collection of photos that I’ve gathered from my own journeys across Canada and from my friends and family and I’ll tell you a little bit about the province that we visit that week.

Along with the written pattern each week I will also include a video tutorial to help you along the way. And also don’t forget, the beauty of a crochet along is that with a crochet along you will be working alongside others and are encouraged to share your work, progress and questions! It’s so much more fun to crochet with friends!

At the end of the crochet along I will release a PDF Downloadable copy in my Etsy and Ravelry Shops. Even after the crochet along has ended, the patterns will also remain here on my blog for free.

I love it! How do I sign up?

There are a few ways that you can stay connected.

First, feel free to like and follow Rich Textures Crochet on Facebook ( and Instagram (! I will post a weekly announcement to my social media when the next pattern is available.

Secondly, join the Rich Textures Crochet Community group on Facebook! This will be the place to share photos and ask questions as you go! It is linked through the Facebook page above.

Thirdly, if you are Canadian, there is a group called “Canadian Crocheters” on Facebook. There is an event for this crochet along created in this group. It’s a great place to connect and share with other crocheting Canadians.

Finally, please subscribe to Rich Textures Crochet on YouTube (! It will be updated weekly with the crochet along, but also with other free crochet patterns and stitch tutorials.

Now let’s get down to the details!


The Canadian Landscapes Blanket is one that will fit a twin size bed. The dimensions are: Approximately 98 x 65 inches.

If you would like to adjust the size of your blanket, make it larger or smaller, each week I will share with you the multiple of stitches needed in order to adjust the panel size.

For the blanket I used a worsted weight yarn by Mary Maxim. You may substitute this yarn for a worsted weight yarn of your choice if you wish. I used eight different colours, but again, feel free to be creative!


Mary Maxim Maximum Value (100% acrylic; 474 yds/445 m; 227 g/8 oz; medium/worsted weight)

Colour A: Medium Brown, 2 balls (approx. 948 yards)

Colour B: Light Denim, 2 balls (approx. 948 yards)

Colour C: Copper, 1 ball (approx. 474 yards)

Colour D: Dark Green, 1 ball (approx. 474 yards)

Colour E: Dark Denim, 2 balls (approx. 948 yards)

Colour F: Medium Green, 2 balls (approx. 948 yards)

Colour G: Yellow, 1 ball (approx. 474 yards)

Colour H: Ecru, 2 balls (approx. 948 yards)

Hook: 5.5 mm


This Should be fun!

Thank you once again for checking out and supporting Rich Textures Crochet! I really look forward to working on this project together with you!

**Week One is now available and can be found here: Great Canadian Landscapes CAL Week One!

**Week Two is now available and can be found here: Great Canadian Landscapes CAL Week Two

**Week Three is now available and can be found here: Great Canadian Landscapes CAL Week Three!

**Week Four is now available and can be found here: Great Canadian Landscapes CAL: Week Four!

**Week Five is now available and can be found here: Great Canadian Landscapes CAL: Week Five!

**Week Six is now available and can be found here: Great Canadian Landscapes CAL: Week Six!

**Week Seven is now available and can be found here: Great Canadian Landscapes CAL: Week Seven!

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Until next week! Happy Crocheting!




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    1. Hello Judy, week five will be available later tonight! I had a lot of family stuff happening this past week so it’s a day late. 🙂 sorry for the delay!

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