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Welcome! You will want to check out this round up of the Best Free Patterns for Crochet Dishcloths on Rich Textures Crochet!

Are you looking for a quick and easy project? One that uses up scrap pieces of cotton yarn? Perhaps you are looking for something a little extra to tuck into a gift? Or perhaps you simply want to spruce up your own collection of crochet dishcloths for your own home. You have come to the right place!

I love making crochet dishcloths and scrubbies. I love having them on hand to give as gifts. My mother taught me that if you are given the gift of a meal, you never return the dish empty. So, I’ve made it my practice that when I return the dish, I tuck in a couple of crochet dishcloths with the “thank you” note.

A collection of the best dishcloth crochet patterns

I love that they are practical. I use them all the time around my own home. And I love that they are quick to make and can help use up those smaller balls and ends of cotton yarn. Below you will find a list of my favourite free patterns for crochet dishcloths. Simply click on the title or the image and it will take you directly to the free crochet pattern. As always, all of these crochet dishcloths have a free video tutorial that can be found in their post or on my YouTube channel.

Happy Crocheting!


The Country Dishcloth Crochet Pattern is one you will want to make again and again. It has a beautiful texture that is the same on both sides and features a delicate and beautiful picot edging!


The Country Dishcloth also features an amazing, thicker and squishy texture! It’s one that looks quite complicate, but do not be dismayed, it’s so easy and quick to make!


If you wish to break the trend of the square dishcloth, you will want to try the circular Not-So-Vintage washcloth. This circular washcloth is pretty and worked in a thick textured puff stitch.


The Compress Washcloth crochet pattern is one that is tough! This washcloth will work up a little slower than some of the other dishcloths in this collection. But with it’s tough texture and classic look, you will want to add it to your collection.


The Modern Crochet Washcloth features a classic stripe pattern. If you have a variety of cotton yarn in several colours, you may wish to give this one a go. It is a great pattern to use up those scraps.


The Rustic Farmhouse Washcloth is a design that is not too dense and that is going to work up quickly. I love that it looks like it is woven! It features a simple edging.


The Daisy Stitch Crochet Washcloth is worked in the beautiful stitch by the same name: the Daisy Stitch! This star stitch creates little blossoms of texture that is so pretty!


The In a Crunch Washcloth is another thick and tough textured dishcloth. You can work it as a solid texture or in multiple colours as I have shown above. This is another dishcloth pattern that will take a little longer due to the dense nature of the stitch that it features, but it’s so worth it!


The Easy Herringbone Washcloth is exactly what it says it is: easy! The beautiful dishcloth is worked in the popular herringbone stitch. It features a reverse single crochet stitch edging to add that final touch of texture!


The Jasmine Washcloth is one of my earliest designs! This crochet dishcloth is worked in the beautiful Jasmine stitch. It really does look like little jasmine flower blossoms. And they create such a beautiful, thick texture.


The Beaded washcloth is another one of my earlier designs! The puff stitches in this crochet dishcloth look like little beads and add a lot of tough scrubbing power to this washcloth!

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