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Crochet Hats worked with bulky weight yarn and super bulky weight yarn are so cozy and quick to make!

It’s no wonder why this type of crochet hat is so popular to make! I have made many bulky crochet hats over the years. I am excited to round the best of them all up here for you in one convenient post. Simply click on the bulky crochet hat title or image and it will take you directly to the post with the free crochet pattern. Also, don’t forget that each of these crochet hats also has a free video tutorial. I highly recommend that you subscribe to my YouTube Channel that is updated every week! Enjoy! Be sure to let me know your favourite bulky crochet hat down in the comments.

A collection of free crochet beanies made with a super bulky weight yarn

The Best Bulky Crochet Hat Patterns!


A bulky crochet hat featuring the houndstooth stitch pattern

The Bulky Houndstooth Beanie features a classic colour pattern often called the houndstooth pattern. This pattern can be easily recreated using simply crochet stitches such as single and double crochet. This crochet hat is worked from the brim up and easy to adjust should you wish to change the size. To get the maximum effect in the colour pattern, I worked the hat in two highly contrasting colours.


A bulky crochet hat that looks as though it has been knit

The next bulky crochet hat is the Bulky Classic Beanie. This easy crochet hat looks as though it has been knit! The top of the beanie is worked in a unique way that limits the bulk that you would often see at the top of a crochet hat. It makes it so comfortable to wear!


A crochet beanie featuring textured post stitches and worked in a red coloured yarn

I don’t often work my crochet designs in a deep red colour, but once I finished the initial draft of this one, it just screamed for the colour! The Helena Beanie features a beautiful texture of post stitches. It’s worked from the bottom up and can be worked in a few short hours!


The crochet Rosetta Beanie worked in a variegated yarn with pink and purple hues

The Rosetta Beanie features the ever popular almond stitch. Its wavy stitch pattern is attractive and eye catching. This bulky crochet hat uses only one ball of yarn or approximately 87 yards. I’ve worked it here in a variegated yarn, but it would also look wonderful in a solid colour!


An easy crochet beanie worked in the popular crochet Suzette Stitch

This crochet beanie is worked in another popular stitch pattern: the Suzette Stitch. Like the others, this hat has been worked from the brim up to the top. The body of the hat is shorter which means that it will fit without any slouch.


The crochet Belfast Beanie worked in a golden coloured yarn

The Belfast Beanie is easy to work, and although it does not look like it, it is primarily worked in a half double crochet stitch. It is the placement of the stitch that gives it its textured look. You will love how quickly this hat works up!


A crochet Beanie pattern that is perfect for beginners

If you are looking for a basic unisex crochet hat that is perfect for both the beginner and the more advanced crocheter – the Beginner Beanie is it!


A stripped crochet beanie worked in a bulky weight yarn

The One Hour Crochet Beanie features a beautiful stripe design. I love how the stitches look like little braids that run around the hat. This crochet hat is perfect for men and women. Customize it using your favourite colour combinations!


A crochet beanie featuring braided puff stitches

The Braided Puff Stitch Beanie is thick, and warm, and cozy. Originally it was designed using the Caron Swirl Cakes which were a seasonal yarn by Yarnspirations. The hat, however can be worked in any bulky weight yarn! The self stripping yarns make for beautiful colour changes.


A crochet beanie featuring a variety of post stitches

The Misty Beanie is another bulky crochet hat that was originally design using the Caron Swirl Cakes but can be worked in any bulky weight yarn. It features rounds of post stitches that are separated by rounds of half double crochet stitches in the third loop. It makes for some gorgeous texture in this warm crochet hat!


A crochet beanie worked in crochet puff stitches

The texture in the Pumpkin Spice Beanie is very fitting for it’s name! This easy to work crochet hat features rounds of fun and beautiful puff stitches. The result is a thick and warm crochet hat. This crochet beanie also has a matching cowl pattern!


A crochet beanie worked in easy crochet shell stitches

I remember the day I went out to photograph this crochet beanie in my back yard. It was very cold, and very snowy! By the time I was finished with the photos I was covered in frost. But it was very fitting for this Winter Chill Beanie! This hat is worked in beautiful shell stitches and can be worked in a couple of hours! It will keep you warm in the cooler months!


An easy crochet beanie pattern

The At the Woods Hat collection is one of the earlier crochet beanie sets that I published here on Rich Textures Crochet. This textured hat is easy to work and I have included the instructions for a Messy Bun version (remember when they were all the rage??), a beanie version and a slouch version. Along with the hats you will also find a beautiful triangle scarf that completes the set!


The Ginger Spice crochet beanie slouch hat

The Ginger Spice Hat and Cowl set is one of the first crochet hats to be published here on Rich Textures Crochet and is still a favourite of mine to wear! This hat is worked with a fair bit of slouch to it. It features a classic subtle texture that looks wonderful in a self stripping yarn or in a solid colour.

Well, if you have made it to the end of this list, I hope that you were able to find something to enjoy! I invite you to sign up for my email newsletter as this is one list that I will update throughout the year. Thank you for stopping by, happy crocheting!

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