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Saturday and Sunday are typically laundry days in our house.  And with the three kids, there is never a shortage of laundry.

I may catch up by the time the evening is done (I will confess I don’t mean folded and put away!), but by tomorrow morning, the pile will grow again.

That being said, I have been playing around with the beautiful yarn I picked up in Prince Edward Island (you can read about that in my “Three Kids and a Puppy” blog posts), and after reading the article on DIY dryer Balls by Petals to Picots, I was inspired.

Dryer balls are great! They are reusable, help reduce the amount of chemicals in our home, are %100 natural, help speed up dryer times and more!

So I decided I would try her most simple method using wool yarn.  Going to my PEI stash I found the perfect one.

Her instructions are simple – feel free to head over to her blog to fill in the details ( – take your yarn (not superwash wool!), wind it up in a ball about the size of a tennis ball and throw it into the wash a few times with your laundry!

I selected my Fleece and Harmony wool, began winding ending up with two good size balls.

After winding the balls of yarn it’s important to secure the end of the yarn.  I did so by taking a yarn needle and threading the yarn through the ball several times, and knotting the end of the yarn in several places.

Then came the fun part (adding a bit of excitement to my weekend laundry routine)! I threw them in the wash and waited.  After the first wash they came out like this:

You can see they are a bit more fuzzy and shrunk a bit.  Now I’ve since put them through one more load and will confess they weren’t as felted as I would have hoped.  So as we speak they are happily spinning through a third and we shall see how they turn out!

Have you tried to make your own felted dryer balls? Feel free to comment below sharing your own story.  I look forward to sharing the rest of mine (hopefully with a happy ending) soon!

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  1. Just thought I’d offer that when we make ours, we enclose them in pantyhose, wash them alone with some extra soap (soap aids in felting) and do it on a really hot cycle (not the usual regular laundry temp), and we then throw them in the dryer, also on extra hot. I wonder if that will make a difference! Fingers crossed for you!

    1. Thanks! I will try it! Threw them in the fifth load but still don’t feel like they are super felty! Will definitely try the pantyhose 🙂