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So about a week ago I posted about using some yarn that I picked up from Fleece and Harmony on Prince Edward Island to make dryer balls.

These balls can be made in a variety of ways, I chose to wind some wool tightly in a ball and throw it in the washer a few times.

I left off after putting them through three washes but still finding they weren’t quite as felted as I would have hoped.

Well after two more loads (so five washes in total), it worked! I ended up with two modelled and felted dryer balls.  The true test was running them through the dryer with some laundry and again they passed.

So I can see more dryer balls in my future! What a great way to use up all those left over scaps of wool.  I have visions of eventually a basket of them colourfully decorating my rather dull laundry room 🙂

Curious about how to make your own, feel free to check out my previous post for more info!

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