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The Wide Double Crochet Stitch uses the wonderful simple double crochet stitch, yet modifies it slightly in order to create a more open fabric with more drape.

This stitch is great for beginners and the more experienced alike! This stitch pattern is very easy – in fact, if you know how to work the simple double crochet stitch, then all you will need to know is your stitch placement.

This stitch would work well in a variety of projects – from cardigans to blankets.  As always you can let me know how you would use this stitch in the comments.  Or, if you make something with this stitch, post a picture on social and be sure to tag me! I always love to admire your work!

This post contains affiliate links.  This means that when you make a purchase through one of these links, Rich Textures Crochet will earn a small commission at no additional cost to yourself.  Thank you for supporting Rich Textures Crochet!

A swatch of the wide double crochet stitch in blue yarn


For this tutorial today I will be using a small amount of Cotton Aran by Paintbox Yarns. It is an aran weight yarn. The hook shown here and in the video below is a wooden streamline hook by Furls Crochet. However you may use any hook and yarn combination you choose.

Don’t forget to check out the video tutorial below!

A blue swatch of the wide Double Crochet Stitch

The Wide Double Crochet Stitch:

This stitch is worked in rows in this tutorial.  At the end of each row you will need to chain three and turn your work. The chain three does count as a double crochet stitch.

To begin, make a slip knot and then chain your desired number of chains.  For this stitch pattern you can use any number of stitches for your foundation chain, just remember that the chain three at the beginning will count as a stitch.

Today I will chain a total of 20 chain stitches.  When working your foundation chain, you may wish to crochet it a little more loosely in order to accommodate the extra width of the stitch.

Row One:

Work one double crochet stitch into the fourth chain from your hook (this starting chain three counts as a stitch) and double crochet into each stitch all the way across.

Chain three and turn your work.

Row Two:

Working in the space in between the first stitch and the second, work one double crochet.  Continue working double crochet stitches into the spaces in between the stitches of the row below all the way across.  Work your final double crochet into the space between the final stitch and the starting chain three.  

Chain three and turn your work.

And that is it!

For the rest of the pattern, continue working row two.  Fasten off and weave in your ends.


Video Tutorial:



Thank you so much for stopping by!  If you enjoyed this tutorial, you may also wish to check out the Open Shell Stitch | How to Crochet.  See you next week!





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