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Do you have a ton of worsted or medium weight yarn lying around? This Stash Busting Crochet Blanket Pattern may be for you!

Recently I discovered that I had a ton of a particular worsted weight yarn in my stash.  I had a variety of colours that I had collected over the year.  The yarn was super soft and I just knew that it would make a wonderful blanket! I set to work on my stash busting blanket and I loved the results!

This post contains affiliate links.  This means that when you make a purchase through one of these links, Rich Textures Crochet will earn a small commission at no additional cost to yourself.  Thank you for supporting Rich Textures Crochet.

A crochet blanket worked in multiple coloured square motifs

This blanket features an amazing texture and when put together in a blanket this way it is quite heavy! So if you are one who likes a bit of weight in your blankets, definitely try it!

I love the blankets patchwork look.  I chose to work smaller squares and piece them together.  It made the design more compatible with using up smaller amounts of yarn with larger.  It also meant that I was able to incorporate a larger number of colours in order to use up what I had on hand.  It was so much fun!

The Materials:

As mentioned this blanket is quite heavy which means that it uses quite a bit of yarn to work the 50 x 60 inch size that I have worked.  Of course, as the blanket is made up of smaller 5 x 5 squares it is quite simple to change the size to suit your needs and the size of your yarn stash!

For this blanket I used a medium/worsted weight yarn called Wander by Furls Fibre Arts.  I used several different colours and used 32 balls or 3840 yards.  Along with the yarn I used a 5mm crochet hook.  In the video below you will see me use a Birchwood Crochet Hook by Rowan Yarns.

A close up of the Stash Busting Blanket

PDF Copies of this Pattern:

This pattern will be written out in full followed by a full video tutorial below.  If you would like to add this pattern to your library, or purchase an ad free PDF, you may do so from either my Etsy or Ravelry Shop linked below:

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Enjoy and happy crocheting!


The Stash Busting Crochet Blanket

Stash Busting Blanket Crochet Pattern:

Skill Level: Easy

Gauge: 20 sts x 12 rows of fpdc/bpdc = 4 inches

Finished Size: Approximately 50 x 60 inches  

Yarn: 32 balls of Wander by Furls Fiberarts (100% Acrylic; 3.5 oz, 100 g; Approx. 120 yds, 109 m). Worsted/medium Weight (4).  (You will get 4 squares/ball)

Hook: Size H/8 (5 mm) Hook. Adjust hook size if necessary to obtain correct gauge

Stitches and Abbreviations

Blo – Back Loop Only

Bpdc – Back Post Double Crochet

Ch – Chain

Dc – Double Crochet 

Fpdc – Front Post Double Crochet

Hdc – Half Double Crochet

Rpt – Repeat

Sc – Single Crochet

Sk – Skip

Sl St – Slip Stitch

Yo – Yarn Over

Pattern Notes:

  • Pattern is written in American English terms.
  • Pattern is worked in rows.
  • Turn at the end of each row.
  • Ch 1 at beginning of row does not count as stitch.
  • Ch 3 at beginning of row counts as a double crochet stitch.
  • You will make 120 squares before joining them together.
  • Weave in ends as needed.

Crochet Motif Pattern (Make 120):

Ch 24

Row 1: Dc in the 4th ch from your hook and in each st across.  Ch 1, turn. (Starting ch-3 counts as a dc) (22 dc)

Row 2: Hdc in the 1st st, *fpdc in the next st, bpdc in the next st; Rpt from * across to the final st, hdc in the final st.  Ch 1, turn.

Rows 3-11: Repeat row 2. Do not fasten off, ch 1, turn.

Motif Edging (worked in rounds):

Rnd 1: *Sc in each st across, work 1 sc in the corner, evenly work 22 sc across, work 1 sc in the corner; Rpt from * around ending with an sc in the final corner, join with a sl st in the 1st st.

Join your squares together:

Begin by laying two of your squares together.  I like to work the long rows first (The lengthwise rows), so I start at the bottom right of the blanket, and work my way up lengthwise.

Place your squares along side one another.

Join your yarn into the corner of one of the afghan squares along the edge you will be working.

Working in the front loops only, and through both thicknesses, insert your hook into the corner stitches on both squares, and work a single crochet stitch.  Continue working in the front loops only working single crochet stitches all the way across.  When you come to the end of your square, line up the next two squares along side the ones you are working on, and your next single crochet will be worked into their corner stitches. Continue working your single crochet stitches across.

When you reach the end of your row, fasten off and weave in your ends. Then repeat until all the rows have been crocheted together both lengthwise and widthwise.

Blanket Edging (Worked in Rounds):

Join your yarn with a sl st in any st.  Ch 1.

Rnd 1: Hdc in each st around working 3 hdc in each corner st.  Join with a sl st in the 1st st.

Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in each st around working 3 sc in each corner st.  Join with a sl st in the 1st.

Fasten off, weave in your ends and block if desired.

Video Tutorial:


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