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Shawls and wraps seem to be one of the few pieces of clothing accessories that has stood the test of time.

From the Scottish highlands in the Outlander series, to Jane Austin’s English countryside or the city streets of London in Call the Midwife they are on display almost daily in television.  They range from a formal style to casual.  The shawl is both versatile and functional.

While my most common way to wear a shawl is simply draped over my shoulders, I recently came across an artical in the Fall  2017 edition of the Love of Crochet magazine that demonstrated several ways to wear a shawl.  And not one of them was my go to way!

So finding a great shawl pin (mine was made by the River John Needle Company), I set out to work playing with my own Summer Breeze Shawl design, to come up with a new way to wear my favourite wardrobe accessory out.

I discovered it could be fun! And adds a whole new dimension to my wardrobe! From casual…

To romantic….

And formal.

So many options! So don’t be afraid to try something new! And if you’re curious about other ways to wear your essential wardrobe piece, take a look at Love of Crochet’s Fall 2017 issue.  Have fun and come back to share your creative ways to wear your shawl.

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