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July 16th, 2017.

That was the day my husband and I, our three kids and six month old puppy piled into our minivan and started a 19 hour drive, across three provinces, to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Factoring in traffic and stops, it was more like 26 hours.  It was on this drive that I began brainstorming about this blog.

I had lots of time to think!

We have a bit of a system when it comes to driving long distances (mind you this was the first time with a puppy!).  We first decide that “the journey is the destination.”  So we don’t mind taking our time.  Some would recommend that you make the drive all in one go, let the kids sleep on the way.  But our kids LOVE the hotels! They love the pools! And if we drove longer than seven hours, let’s be honest, we would drive each other nuts.  So we brok the drive up into three days.

Along the way, I keep a “treasure box” filled with new toys and puzzles, and car friendly activities.  Every time I think they need something new to think about I toss one back.  I also keep a healthy supply of (often unhealthy) snacks, and the tablet and phone stocked with downloaded movies and shows.  This means that I can drive in front and Crochet 🙂

Don’t you love that Crochet is so portable? I began working on a new design (seen above and coming soon!) at the start of the journey and dreamt about what shape this blog would take.

As we drove through the countryside, I loved watching the changing scenery and landscapes – from farm fields, cityscapes, suburban communities, mountains, rivers, forest and ocean.  It’s so diverse, majestic, vast, unique, and [insert favourite descriptive word here].

And I thought, the Canadian landscape of Crochet designers, fibre artists and shops, is just like that!

We are diverse, unique, professional and passionate.  We love what we do! We love to share what we do with others.  So many times, when I walked into a yarn shop and entered into a conversation with the owner or clerk, their eyes lit up as they spoke about their product.  It wasn’t just another ball of yarn, it was hand spun by someone they new firsthand, from the first cut of an alpaca named… well, I’ll tell you more about that later! There was so much love, so much story.

All along my trip I researched Canadian Crochet designers.  I visited local yarn shops and mini mills, often picking up souvenirs along the way.  I look forward to continuing to even now back home, and in the surrounding areas.

And here I would like to share them with you – Canadian shops and Canadian designers.

I know you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have.

I’ll also share some of the designs I have created and am creating.  Soon you will find them here, but at the moment they can be found on my Facebook and Etsy shop (Rich Textures Crochet), and on Ravelry (Rich Textures C).

So stay tuned! There is much more to come!


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  1. I really enjoyed this blog post…we too have 3 children, a dog and a camper! We’ve travelled around Europe and the UK in our camper van and my crochet always comes too, and yes we visit local yarn shops along the way. Great! ??

    1. Thanks for stopping in and sharing! Sounds like so much fun! We’ve often thought about getting a camper. They are a lot more flexible! I’d love you visit some yarn shops in Europe and U.K.! Definitely on my to do list 🙂