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Almost as soon as I set foot on the island I began to plot my course.  Realizing that most of the time I would have three kids in tow I had to plan carefully.

The plan was formed in the end with the help of this!

Did you know that PEI has a fibre trail! Complete with a map. 20 total shops!

Since we needed to stop and get some groceries, I decided to start in Montague.  There was a little shop advertised called “Stitches & Crafts by Karen.”  The description sounded fun, with yarn and craft supplies, classes, knitting groups, and coffee (Crochet is only enhanced by coffee in my opinion).

So one afternoon I ventured in with my two year old while my husband went off with the older two.

Have you ever tried to take a two year old into a yarn shop?

For the first five minutes I was smiling.  She loves yarn, I love yarn. We were looking at all the hooks and buttons, all the little notions.

And then all of a sudden it was like a switch was flicked and as my two year old caught sight of the beautiful, colourful wall of yarn it was like someone unleashed the Tasmanian Devil (See Bugs Bunny).

I watched in horror as she lunged for the wall of neatly displayed balls of yarn and started pulling.  Before they could hit the ground I was scooping them up and madly putting them back.  Next she turned on the baskets displayed on the floor – and trust me, according to my daughter, they are as soft and cozy as they looked.  She attempted to dive in.

I’m not sure what the employee was thinking at this point… did he know the panic running through me? Could he hear my hushed screams? I scooped up my daughter and hauled her screaming from the store.

I was so embarrassed.  And knew I had to think of a better way.

My husband came to the rescue.  Spotting an ice cream shop nearby, we took the kids in, got them settled with a bowl and a spoon and he told me to hurry.

I didn’t need to be told twice!!

I loved the little shop! I apologized to the employee, found some unique buttons and stitch markers.  At the cash I discovered some felted dryer balls! They were neat! And they did have a great assortment of yarn!

So if you’re ever in Montague, Prince Edward Island be sure to stop in, I think you’ll enjoy the shops fun and colourful character.  I will be adding it to the “Canadian Yarns and Shops” page soon!

And stay tuned! That wasn’t the only little shop I visited! I will be back to fill you in on the others soon!

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