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The crochet fur stitch is a very fun stitch to work once you get the hang of it! You will love it’s great texture!

I was first introduced to the crochet fur stitch several years ago while making baby slippers to sell at a local craft sale.  The stitch is so fun although I will confess, it does take a bit to get used to forming it.

The pattern is formed by alternating rows of single crochet stitches and loop stitches.  The loops are created by looping the yarn around your index finger before you yarn over and draw a loop through. 

This post contain affiliate links.  This means that when you make a purchase through one of these links, Rich Textures Crochet will earn a small commission at no additional cost to yourself.  Thank you for supporting Rich Textures Crochet!

crochet stitch featuring loop stitches

If that sounds confusing, do not worry, I have included a full video tutorial at the end of this post!


For this tutorial today I will be using a small amount of Cotton Aran by Paintbox Yarns. It is an aran weight yarn. The hook shown here and in the video below is a wooden streamline hook by Furls Crochet. However you may use any hook and yarn combination you choose.

Don’t forget to check out the video tutorial below!

Crochet Fur Stitch

This stitch is worked in rows in this tutorial.  At the end of each row you will need to chain one and turn your work. The chain one does not count as a stitch.

To begin, make a slip knot and then chain your desired number of chains.  For this stitch pattern you can chain any number of stitches plus one for your foundation chain.

Today I will chain a total of 20 chain stitches.

close up of the crochet fur stitch

Row One:

Once you have worked your foundation chain, begin by working one single crochet into the second chain from your hook and in each chain stitch across.

Chain one and turn your work.

Row Two:

Single crochet into the first stitch

Work a loop stitch into the next stitch and into each stitch all the way across to your final stitch.

To work a loop stitch, insert your hook into the next stitch, wrap the yarn once around your index finger of the hand that is holding your yarn.  Next yarn over using that loop and being careful not to remove your finger from the loop yet and draw a loop through.  Next very carefully remove your finger from the loop, yarn over again and draw through all of the loops on your hook.

Once you have worked your loop stitches across to the final stitch, single crochet in that final stitch.

Chain one and turn your work.

Row Three:

Single Crochet in each stitch across.  Chain one and turn your work.

And that’s it!

For the rest of the pattern simply repeat rows two and three.  Fasten off and weave in your ends. 

Video Tutorial:

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See you next time!


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