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After our beautiful week in Prince Edward Island we heading across to Nova Scotia via the ferry.  Nova Scotia is where I grew up and whenever we visit I love the feeling of “coming home.”

Coming from Ontario, the place slows down, the landscape is soft with its rolling hills and mountains, sloping toward the ocean.  I just love it!

One place I am particularly fond of is Rushton’s beach.  It’s Located on the shores of the Northumberland Strait.  I remember going there often as a child with my family, never forgetting to stop at what is now called Molly’s Dairy Bar (Scotsburn ice cream will always be my favourite!)

On our way to the beach one afternoon, we took a slight detour to Lismore Sheep Farm.  It’s nestled amongst the hills of River John.  It is a working sheep farm, wool and gift shop.  With a trip there, you will not be disappointed!

To the left of the shop there is a barn with a great interactive display.
My kids loved going in and petting the sheep, a highland calf, checking out the border collie puppies (our own border collie puppy had to wait patiently in the car!), and looking at the wool displays.

While they played, I got to explore the shop.  So much colour!

They carried local yarns, along with other Canadian brands as well.

Lots of unique gifts

And I can’t forget the Crochet hooks and accessories by The River John Needle Company.  I had to pick a hook up!

Their products are made out of birch tree wood.  It’s smooth, and light.  I’ve been using mine almost non stop since coming home! The other accessory I couldn’t resist was a shawl pin.  So, guess what, there may be another shawl design in the works soon!

Overall it was a great visit! And if you’re ever in Nova Scotia, well with the drive out!

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