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Crochet Bath Pouf Pattern

This Crochet Bath Pouf would be such a great addition to your home spa set! Made with Red Heart Scrubby, it dries more quickly than the cotton ones!

I love the idea of a DIY crochet bath pouf! And there are certainly several crochet patterns out there.  Many of the crochet bath pouf patterns, though, use cotton yarn which can be quite heavy when wet.  They also take a long time to dry often spoiling them before they wear out!

In order to address these problems, I designed this crochet bath pouf using the Red Heart Scrubby yarn which is a 100% polyester fibre.  This means that it won’t retain the water as a cotton one would making it less heavy and quicker to dry!

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Crochet Pouf

Red Heart Scrubby Yarn:

I also love the feel of the scrubby yarn.  It has more the texture and feel of a store bought pouf or loofah.  I’ve used this yarn in several washcloth patterns including the Thermal Stitch Crochet Scrubby and the One Tough Scrubby – A free Crochet Pattern

For this pattern you are going to require one ball of the Red Heart Scrubby yarn.  When I worked my pouf I used almost the entire ball! You will also need a 6mm crochet hook.


To make the pouf I started with a magic ring however you may also start by chaining six and then joining with a slip stitch in the first stitch to make your ring.  From that ring you will continue by working the hanger of your crochet pouf before working into the ring itself.

Crochet Pouf1

Of course, there will be a video tutorial down below to help you on your way!

The pattern will be written out in full below, however if you would like to add it to your library or purchase an ad free PDF, you can do so from either my Etsy or Ravelry Shop linked below:

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Crochet Pouf2

Crochet Bath Pouf Pattern:

Skill Level: Intermediate
Gauge: N/A
Finished Size: 12 inch circumference 

Yarn: One ball of Red Heart Scrubby™ (100% polyester; 100g, 85 meters / 92 yards); Medium/ Worsted weight.  Shown in Green Tea and Stream

Hook: Size J/10 (6.0 mm)

I’m using a Wooden Streamline hook by Furls Crochet in Ebony.
Notions: Yarn Needle

Stitches and Abbreviations:

Ch – Chain
Dc – Double Crochet

Rpt – Repeat

Sc – Single Crochet

Sl st – Slip stitch

Pattern Notes:

  • Pattern is written in American English terms.
  • Ch 1 at beginning of round does not count as sc.
  • Ch 3 at beginning counts as a dc.
  • Do not turn unless stated otherwise.
  • Weave in ends as needed.

Crochet Pouf3

Free Pattern:

Make a magic ring or ch 6 and join with a sl st in the first st.

From the magic ring, continue by making the hanger: Ch 25, join with a sl st in the first chain closest to the magic ring.

Rnd 1: Into the magic ring, sc 25; join with a sl st in the first st, do not turn. (25 sc)

Rnd 2: Ch 3 (counts as a dc), 3 dc in the first st, 4 dc in each st around; Join with a sl st in the first st, do not turn. (100 dc)

Rnd 3: Ch 3 (counts as a dc), 3 dc in the first st, 4 dc in each st around; Join with a sl st in the first st, do not turn. (400 dc)

Fasten off, weave in ends.

Video Tutorial:


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  1. How/when do you tighten the magic circle? I tried to do it at the end and can’t get it to budge, but if I do it after the round of SC, I’ll never be able to find all my SC stitches to DC into!

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