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While in The Maritimes on holiday this past summer, my family and I sent some time touring Nova Scotia, the place I grew up.

I recently shared with you my trip to the Lismore Sheep farm in River John, you can read about it here:

While some of the places we went were planned, there were a few surprises along the way! One of them ended up being Yarn & Company in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

First of all I couldn’t believe how much the town had changed since I was younger! We have family friends who live there and would visit them regularly.  It is also only a short drive from the beach we liked to go to.  On top of that my husband and I spent part of our honeymoon there at the Train Station Inn! The place certainly has grown and has taken on a touristy charm with a micro brewery, pet food shops, gift stores and, of course, Yarn & Company.

The shop name describes it perfectly! Situated just as you enter the main stretch of town, the shop is located in an older remodelled home.  So right from the first step through the door all you feel is welcome, and you are greeted by an array of colour and fibre!

I spent some time wandering around the shop.  They carry and variety of wools and yarns as well as yarn kits.  Scattered throughout the shop are Patterns and pattern books, all providing inspiration!

They carried a few local fibre artisans, one of which is called “Woolies in the Attic.” I settled on buying some of their Alpaca wool.  What I loved about it (aside from the fee, colour and texture) was that on the label it was inscribed, “I am Willow, the Alpaca who has provided our fibre for the skein.”

I love it! My Alpaca wool has a name!

The yarn is soft, and I really see a headband and maybe fingerless gloves coming from this skein.  This Alpaca yarn is only sold in a few stores in the Maritimes, so if you get the chance, you’ll have to stop in!

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