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Have you heard of Tangi? It is a new video sharing application featuring quick, one to two minute DIY Videos by Google.

Before I begin to tell you about my new venture, I just want to let you know that this post is being sponsored in part by Tangi 🙂

Tangi is now a new door through which you can catch exciting ideas and tutorials by me, Sarah, at Rich Textures Crochet.


My Story:

A few months ago I was invited by another crochet designer to check out a new short video sharing app.  Since I love to make crochet tutorial videos, I decided to give it a try and loved it!

What is Tangi?

On Tangi you will find short videos for everything from home decor, to fashion, watercolour painting, children’s crafts, and baking.

Similar to other short form video apps, each video ranges from fifteen seconds to two minutes.  The design makes it easy to swipe through, like and follow your favourites.  You can leave comments and “try out” your interests.  It has a bit of a Pinterest feel to it and it is easy to search.

It’s perfect for creative people like you!

Check me out!

As it is a new platform for me, I’m still working out my personal style and building my feed, but I hope that, along with the quick tutorials I have there now, I will continue to provide quick stitch tutorials and inspiration.

Take a look at my profile! If you’re on Tangi, I would love to connect with you! Be sure to follow my account! At the moment my tutorials may be up to one minute long, but once I reach 100 followers I will have the ability to make two minute videos – so much more can be accomplished in two minutes!

You can check out my Tangi profile here:

Find Rich Textures Crochet Here 

What would you like to see?

I would also love to hear your thoughts about what kind of tutorials you would like to see there! Particular stitches? Inspiration? Finished project videos? Crochet Time Lapses?

At the moment this is my most popular video – and it gives you an idea of the kinds of tutorials you will see on there from me 🙂

On the app you’ll also find quick tutorials for patterns such as my small flower appliqué pattern: Easy Crochet Flower Applique Pattern

A New Venture:

I am so excited about this new venture and hope that you will join me on it! Check out the new Tangi app and be inspired!

You can read more about the application here and it’s story:

You can find the Tangi webpage here:

Have fun! And until next time, happy crocheting!


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