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I share my house with my three young kids, my husband and one year old border collie. So sometimes it’s nice to have a space that you can call your own!

I was also finding it hard (and I am sure my husband would agree!) to keep my WIP’s (works in progress) contained to one area…. my yarn slowly spread into several areas of the house.

I was losing track of items (crochet hooks), balls of yarn were being drug around the house by the kids (my two year old loves to play keep away, and balls of yarn sail so happily across the living room), and one of my beloved wooden crochet hooks was sat on the other day (and not by myself…. or the kids… but I won’t mention any names lol).

Don’t leave wooden crochet hooks lying on the couch.

And while my dog doesn’t shed a whole lot except for a couple of times a year, I was occasionally finding a long strand of border collie hair being crocheted into my project.

It was time to make a change.

I’ve always been envious of those people who post pictures of their craft corner and rooms in the Facebook groups where they show their beautiful wall of colour coordinated yarns, everything so neatly organized, peaceful looking… well this was mine:

A cabinet that wasn’t very functional. Reusable grocery bags held my yarn and WIP’s, poor lighting, very little organization and no place to sit. You can understand why my crochet and yarn spread throughout the house!

I have a small space. My dedicated craft corner is a corner of our bedroom, so I knew I would never have one of those coveted spaces I’ve seen in photos. But I wanted to have a space that was comfortable, functional and that I was proud of.

I started by doing a little planning – thought a lot about what I needed in my corner such as a place to keep yarn, places for books, crochet hooks and notions, a place that would inspire creativity and keep my projects more contained 🙂

Then I drew up a budget and started looking around!

Sometimes I find that I enjoy working at a desk or table. I can focus the light better and lay out pieces I’m working on. I can keep my yarn and hooks off of the floor.

I found this great desk at IKEA (Canada). The MICKE corner workstation isn’t an overwhelming size, perfect for my small corner, the right colour, and overall just perfect! I ordered a chair from there also.

After ordering the desk, next I set to clearing out the space. That big wooden cabinet was moved to a new place in the house and repurposed for the kids puzzles and games (also adding a bit more sanity to the kids play room). I then invested in some tote bins from Walmart and began to work on sorting my yarn.

And I purged.

It’s true. Some may cringe. But for me, realistically if I was going to truly organize and make the best use of my space, I needed to get rid of the odd ends and balls of yarn I had accumulated that I knew I would never use. In the end I donated two recycling bags full!

With my stash a bit lighter I organized it by weight/fibre into my new tote bins and even a few recycled quilt bags (these I used for some of my thread).

I reorganized my clothing closet (my husband and I have his and hers) so that half the closet would hold the totes and craft supplies, the other half my clothes. I made use of an old closet shoe organizer, filling it with the yarns that didn’t quite fit into the totes.

Shortly after the desk arrived, the space was cleaned out and ready!

My husband helped me put the desk together (it took an evening). After it was finished, I stood back to admire. It was like a blank canvas! I was so excited!

Now it was time to stock it!!!

I decided that at my desk I would keep:

Wooden crochet hooks, scissors, measuring tape, and hook measurement tool – note I am still hanging on to that broken wooden crochet hook! (Umbra tool organizer from Michaels)

Extra Scissors, Stitch markers and needles (all in their own container – blue box)

Pom Pom makers

Buttons (in their own container – wicker Basket)

Yarn It! (When it is not traveling with me 🙂 )

Crochet hook sets in their cases

Pens, markers, pencils, sticky notes, paper clips (small plastic drawers from Dollar Store)

Ott Lite (I found mine on sale at Costco, Canada)

Journal, planner, crochet stitch Dictionaries

Yarn for current and immediate upcoming WIP’s up on the top shelves.

I purchased two other tower of drawers (second hand), the taller one beside my desk has other accessories – Tunisian crochet hooks, knitting needles, accessories such as Velcro and magnets, stationary and fine crochet thread. The smaller tower under the desk has some pattern magazines (the rest I keep at my bedside table) and embroidery kits.

Under the desk I also keep a sewing box with sewing supplies and all my crochet hooks that are not in use.

To the right of my desk is my dress form (purchased locally secondhand from a seamstress) and (classic!) sewing machine and table (handed down from my grandmother and still works great!).

This is the closet where I store the rest of my stash (white doors in photo above), it’s located also to the right of the desk:

Four of the bins, along with the shoe storage and quilt bags hold my yarn and crochet thread. The two blue bins are finished projects, some of my finished products I donate and the others I sell locally and through Etsy.

I have a small box of older crochet magazine editions and a box of other craft supplies (I also like to make felt quiet books for my kids). These are on the shelf at the top of my closet.

The bins are organized according to yarn weight and fibre.

I feel so much more organized! My space is comfortable, quiet, clean, bright and relaxing. I feel it best suits my personality and inspires creativity. I love it.

Are you looking at revitalizing your craft corner? Here are some of my tips!

1. Dream a little bit, but be aware of the space that you have (not the space you wish you had) – what would you like to have in your perfect space? Do you like to work at a desk or in a recliner? What type of lighting do you need? Storage solutions for yarn, books, hooks and notions?

2. Set a budget. Your crafty corner doesn’t need to be expensive to look great! Mine cost about $320.00 CAD, the most expensive piece being the desk. I used income from my finished product sales – sold locally, etsy and craft sales so none of the money for the new space had to come from our monthly budget.

3. Shop around! Looking for a desk or chair? A dress form or light? There are lots of great pieces out there, and sales! Don’t be afraid to look second hand (like my dress form), you might just find the perfect piece you’re looking for.

4. Finally be happy with the results – be proud of your small stash and small corner! Love your space knowing that it’s just for you! You don’t need a special room or a wall of yarn to have the perfect space, sometimes like you need is a small corner (although one can still dream bigger, can’t they?).

Happy crocheting!


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  1. Love your craft corner!!! You did a wonderful job giving yourself the perfect place to sew and hook…hope you have many great memories in your wonderful chair…!!!

  2. YAY this is awesome! I am also the same, i do have a spare bedroom thought but it cant be used due to damp. So i had to get a huge work desk and lots of stuff for my bedroom. Yours looks so cute! Makes you feel better doesn’t it? xo