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Every year my husband will ask, “What’s on your Christmas list?” He knows “yarn” will be there, but then I always try to add a couple other fun crochet related items (toys?).

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After seeing them take over in popularity on Facebook in some of the crocheting groups I’m in, I decided to ask him for a yarn bowl.

“A what?” Was his response. “Can’t you just put yarn in any old bowl? Why do you need to put your yarn in a bowl? What does it do?”

So I showed him yarn Bowls, beautiful ones, hand made and sold on Etsy. Ceramic ones, wooded ones, ones with ugly faces and the holes to feed the yarn strategically placed so the yarn is pulled through the nostrils.

He didn’t say anything, but I knew he was taking mental notes. And I excitedly waited… patiently, of course 🙂

Christmas finally arrived and I eagerly reached for the gift that was to be my yarn bowl. Affixed to the top was a short note:

“Welcome to the 21st century. I love you.”


I unwrapped the package as quickly as possible, and this is what I found:


At first I was a little confused. I had never seen it before. Until he started to explain it.

He had come across it in his search, and after seeing that it was so portable, he knew it was right for me.

And he was right! It is rare that I get into the car without my yarn. And the Yarnit boasts of it portability (mind you I’ve never tried to walk and crochet as it shown in the advertising picture!)

The other concern about my yarn is that because we have a long haired dog, and have long hair, I am always worried about crocheting a hair into my work. This was one of the other benefits it boasted – and it works! Because the yarn is completely enclosed it really does help to keep the dust and hair away.

So overall, I love my Yarnit.

I use it all the time, at home and in the car.


But it does have a down side – it is quite small.

Crochet is a bit of a yarn eater so we often work with larger skeins of yarn. The Yarnit will hold about 110 yards of a worsted/light worsted weight yarn. So it is not the way to go if you are using larger skeins.

But that being said, I still love mine. It’s been great while working with some more luxurious skeins of wool. It’s been convenient, I love the little place in the bottom where I can store stitch markers and yarn needles. It seems indestructible (my two year old has tossed it on the floor).

My Christmas gift wasn’t quite what I expected, but my husband was right, it is a perfect fit for me!


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