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Spring Cleaning Free Pattern Wrap Up! Washcloths, Scrubbies and a Swiffer!

Last week was a blast! And a little bit of a whirl wind! So in case you missed them, seven free crochet patterns for washcloths, scrubbies and a Swiffer cover!

Whether you’re Simply making them for yourself around the home, or as gifts or for an upcoming craft and vendor sale, you can never have enough washcloths and scrubbies in your life.

These scrubbies and washcloths feature a variety of great textured crochet stitches. Mix and match your colours to suit your own personal style. Use up those Scrubby yarn and cotton scraps that you have hiding out in your stash.

When using the Scrubby yarn I have always paired it up alongside the cotton, not only does it make for a stronger Scrubby but it also makes it much easier to work with!

I hope you have enjoyed this past week as much as I have. And to make it easier for you to find, I have conveniently rounded all seven free patterns up into this one post!

Here we go!

Day One: The Scrubby Cloth

I started off the week with a simple, yet great convenient pattern: the Scrubby Cloth! It combines one strand of cotton with one strand of Scrubby yarn to make a durable cloth great for a variety of uses around the home. Pattern includes a video tutorial!

Get the free crochet pattern here >>>

Day Two: The Loopy Scrubby

This Scrubby combines two great textures! With a cotton loopy side and a Scrubby side, it pulls double duty. It’s a fun Scrubby to use around the home. Add an optional loop in your final round to make a convenient hanger. Pattern includes a video tutorial!

Get the free crochet pattern here >>

Day Three: The Beaded Washcloth

This pretty Washcloth will make a great addition to a gift for a friend, or packaged for a craft and vendor sale. It features two great textured stitches that give the cloth a gentle scrub and create a pretty design. Pattern includes a free video tutorial!

Get the free crochet pattern here >>

Day Four: One Tough Scrubby

This is one of my favourites! With the amount of dishes I have to wash a day, I’m always looking for a great Scrubby! For me, this is it! Tough, but gentle enough to use on sensitive pots and pans and great for everyday dishes as well! The Scrubby features two textured side that are seamed together in the final round. This pattern also includes a free video tutorial!

Get the free crochet pattern here >>

Day Five: The Jasmine Washcloth

One of my favourite flowers, and it makes a Washcloth almost two pretty to use! At first glance the stitches in this Washcloth seem complicated and daunting, but don’t worry, a video tutorial is available for this one as well! Make some up to use in the kitchen or to personalize your spa at home!

Get the free crochet pattern here >>

Day Six: The Bumpy Scrubby

Add a pop of colour in the fun textured Scrubby. It features a solid cotton back, while the front is cotton featuring Scrubby bead stitches. Make some up with a variegated Scrubby yarn and your pops of colour will really come to life! Pattern includes a free video tutorial.

Get the free crochet pattern here >>

Day Seven: The Scrubby Swiffer Cover

When spring rolls around in my house there is no shortage of outdoor play time, but that always results in muddy white kitchen floorS after the kids and dog are through. I love my mop! And I love to have extra covers on hand. This cover is compatible with the Swiffer wetjet and similar models. I used ties on the top instead of pockets to allow for the cleaning spray. The Scrubby yarn combined with the cotton gives it a little extra scrubbing power.

Get the free crochet pattern here >>

And there you have it! Seven patterns in seven days! Once again, Thank you so much for joining me! Have pictures of your spring cleaning scrubbies? Feel free to share them on Facebook at Rich Textures Crochet! FOR RTC ON FACEBOOK CLICK HERE 🙂

Happy Crocheting!



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