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Today for my Designer Monday post we are going to take a brief look at a different, and relatively new I think, type of media in the crochet world – that of crochet podcasts!

I’m new to the podcast trend.  It was actually my husband who about a month ago thought I would really enjoy listening to one while I crocheted.  Let’s be honest when I binge watch Netflix while crocheting, I’m not really watching…. I’m crocheting.  If I haven’t seen the particular movie/show before there is a good chance I wouldn’t be able to tell you what even the main character looks like, but I can tell you what colour yarn I’m working with!

(This is a photo of the last project I worked on while listening!)

So podcasts.  I thought, ok I’ll give it a try and began the search, in particular for something crochet related.

I came across two that I have come to love.  And because I jumped on to the band wagon a little late, there are plenty of episodes for me to catch up on and keep me occupied.

The first I’d like to introduce you to is called She Can Make.

It is as their motto says, all Canadian content, and these girls are great! Easy to listen to, relaxing, funny and informative.  They are from Ontario and cover not only crochet but yarn, knitting, their current WIP’s, teaching kids and even a bit of sewing.  Each podcast is about an hour long.  I just have fun listening to them and often learn a few things.  They are the only Canadian Crochet podcast that I know of, but if you know of any please share!

You can download their episodes from iTunes, stitcher and google play.  Find them on facebook at:

The second podcast is from a designer that you may be more familiar with.  She is well known on social media for her designs and crochet tutorials.

Brittany from B. Hooked Crochet has great episodes ranging from using social media to sell your crochet products, to hat sizing, modifying patterns and  learning how to read patterns.

If you haven’t already you can find her on Facebook at:

So happy listening! And if you have a podcast that you love to listen to while you Crochet, do share!

Happy crocheting!


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