A Yarn-y Christmas Giveaway Winner Announcement! (And Caron Tea Cake Pattern Round up!)

First of all thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog and took time to enter the Christmas Giveaway!

947 people entered the giveaway and the Ginger Spice hat and cowl was voted most popular!

Now that the entry period is done, we have a randomly selected winner!

Congratulations to Rachel B.! Please check your email, hopefully I’ll hear back from you soon. Your prize will be mailed shortly after I hear back from you 🙂

One of the questions I hear a lot in some of the Facebook crochet groups I’m in is, “what can I make with Caron Tea Cakes?”

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love the Tea Cakes! At the moment my Winter Cranberry headband And Mitts are my favourite winter items to wear – and it’s been feeling like -23 (Celsius) here!

So I thought I’d would do a quick pattern round up for you. Some of these I have tried, some I’ve not, but they all look fun!

The Caron Tea Cakes are a Super Bulky Weight (6) yarn, mostly Acrylic with a hint of wool. They are great for winter accessories and because of that you may be able to get away with using it to substitute a super bulky yarn in any project!

Here are some patterns I’ve rounded up, if you find any you like, feel free to come back and share them in the comments or visit Rich Textures Crochet on Facebook and share your photos!

Caron Tea Cake Pattern Round up:

The Ginger Spice Hat and Cowl by Rich Textures Crochet:

The Ginger Spice Fingerless gloves by Rich Textures Crochet:

The Winter Cranberry Headband And Mitts Set by Rich Textures Crochet:

A Selection of Patterns including scarves, blankets and more by The Crochet Crowd:

A Variety of Tea Cake Patterns found on Michael’s Canada:

The Tea Cake Scarf by Maria’s Blue Crayon

An Easy Textured scarf by Holmes on Homemade happiness

Happy Crocheting!


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