Oh Christmas Tree! Five FREE Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns

A number of years ago we started a family tradition – that each year, around the first week of December, we would go out as a family and bring home a fresh cut Christmas tree.

Growing up my family would always have a fresh cut tree, many times taken from the Nova Scotian forest growing in my backyard.

Now, my husband and I, along with the kids will head out to a favourite tree farm and choose a tree from amoung the several species they farm there.

At this particular farm, we park along the road and it’s a bit of a walk into the forest.  But we go armed with our tree cart and saw.  Everyone is well bundled up, although there is no snow on the ground (yet!) the air and wind that comes with it is still quite crisp.


We always let the kids kids pick the tree.  This means that it is never “perfect.”  Most of the time is missing branches or thinned out part way down.  It may not be symmetrical.  But something about the tree always catches the kid’s eye, and they’ll excitedly shout “this one!  This is it! This is the best tree!”


And then my husband steps up, or rather gets down on his hands and knees and starts to saw. I keep an eye on the kids to make sure they don’t wander too far… nothing like a forest full of sword like sticks to get their attention.

it doesn’t take too long to cut the tree down (as long as the saw is sharp), and then it’s loaded on the cart and the kids love to haul it back.

It is stood on a machine that shakes it – removing bugs (at least that is the hope), loose needles and debris.  And then it is put through a machine that will bind the branches for us to make it easier to  take home.  (I obviously have no idea what these machines are called – if you do, please share!)


Once we we get the tree home, the evening is spent listening to Christmas music, sipping hot chocolate and decorating.

The majority of our our ornaments are handmade or carry some special meaning.  The kids love to talk about them as they hang them – usually all in the same spot or in a straight line (lol).  Our tree can be very lop sided.


I love Christmas traditions – weather it be decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies or once again decorating the house.  And, of course, Crochet always fits into those things in my world (as I’m sure it does yours!).

Not it too long ago I shared with you some of my favourite free crochet patterns for Christmas Ornaments.  You can find that post here:

And then, there are also a ton of wonderful Christmas Stocking patterns out there too! Perhaps you’ll want to start with some of these:

and now today, I’d like to share with you patterns for tree skirts! As you probably noticed, I do not have a crocheted skirt for my tree. These following patterns that have made my short list 🙂

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, cozy up and get ready to expand your Christmas project lineup!

Free Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns:

1. Primitive Pines Christmas Tree Skirt by Priscilla Pines. You’ll love this classic looking design featuring Christmas trees. Uses a worsted weight yarn and 5.5 mm hook.

2. The Nativity Scene Tree Skirt by Heather Craig. This tree skirt features the silhouettes of a stable with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, shepherds and wise men. Try your hand at a bit of colour work!

3. Tree Skirt by Mary Jane Protus. If you love the classic crisp red of the holiday poinsettia, you’ll love this festive skirt!

4. Holiday Magic Christmas tree Skirt by Kristine Mullen. Stripes and a subtle texture are what make this skirt stand out!

5. 12-pointed Star Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt by B. hooked Crochet. This one would look great in multiple colour ways!


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