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Feature Friday: 6 Favourite Dishcloth and Scrubby Patterns

I like to do one craft show each year, and it seems like each year some of my guaranteed sellers are dishcloths and scrubbies.

I start making my craft sale items around this time of year for the sale at the beginning of December.

So at the moment I have dishcloths and scrubbies on my mind! There are so many great patterns out there.

These are 6 of my favourites:

1.  Thankful Thursday Dishcloths by Yarnspirations.  The arruga stitch pattern from this collection has to be my absolute favourite.  It has a thick texture, the stitches are over lapping so it also has a tough scrub.  Get the free pattern here:

2.  Lots of Loops Dish Cloth by Stitches Be Cray (  It is a free pattern.  The dish cloth is an easy pattern made using the chain loop stitch which gives it a sham like appearance.

3.  The scrubby yarn by Red Heart is hot at the moment! Polyester or cotton, solid colour or sparkle, there are no shortages of options! Because I could decide on just one, there are patterns for almost every holiday and season, you can follow this link to several!

4.  This one by Craft Coalition is one that I recently came across, and one I look forward to trying out soon.  It’s a simple design using a strand of scrubby and a strand of supersaver held together to make the scrubber a little tougher.

5.  Using a similar concept as the Craft Coalition, this scrubby by Cute as a Button is slightly thicker and pairs the scrubby yarn with a more durable cotton.

6. Finally, I can’t leave without sharing my own scrubby design! It is made with scrubby yarn, features two sides to made it extra thick, and uses a highly textured stitch to give it extra durability and scrub.  You can get the free pattern here:

I hope you enjoy! Do you have a favourite not on the list? Be sure to add it below and join me next week again for feature Friday!



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